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Pro-Motion Pictures Proudly Offers a Wide Variety of the Best Photography Services

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We offer a variety of products and services at Pro-Motion Pictures, such as:

Martial Arts Photography: It all started when Ken Chamitoff, the president of Pro-Motion Pictures offered martial arts photography services to karate schools. Believe it or not, our founders were the first innovators in the industry to offer digital photography and "graphic design backgrounds" to the martial arts community. With a life long passion for photography and a dedicated practicioner of various styles of Martial Arts, Ken has developed a keen eye for capturing quality images of correct martial arts' technique, and that attention to detail has been intigrated into the expectations of our entire staff of designers and photographers. When we visit your dojo, we take great photos of your students AND your staff in action. We capture everything from fast action flying kicks to great form, and since we have a ton of experience working with multiple styles, we can adapt to your specific needs and techniques. Being sensitive to foot and hand position, posture and technique, truly sets our photo products apart from competitors. Traditional Karate photos are different from Taekwondo photos, and Kung Fu Photography ought to be different then BJJ or stylized MMA promo shots. Martial Arts Photography covers a broad spectrum of styles. The diverse marketing needs of various school owners has expanded our services to include a plethera of media and promotional products. Martial Arts school owners have a unique opportunity to earn free marketing credits and an annual student composit simply by allowing us the privilege of photographing their students and offering them exceptional cool photos and stunning design art packages. Read the reviews below and find out why so many consider our services the best in the market. We have successfully served over 2500 martial arts schools Nationwide.

Dance and Gymnastics Photography: Ken Chamitoff discovered the inspiration for dance photography through taking his daughter to dance classes. Ken soon found himself watching classes, rehearsals, and performances with his eye for asthetics, motion and his artist's appreciation for form and beauty. His athlete's respect for the extreme athleticism of dance pushed him further into a desire to record dancers in all aspects of their performance. Being a loving father and a dance enthusiast has added to Ken's ability to uplift kids self image through praise and direction. He enables both the performers and their parents to experience an inspiring event while capturing their best dance performance. His attention to detail, lighting and costume which evolved through his many years in the fashion industry truly lends to an exceptional dance photography experience for students and professionals alike. Whether your Dance academy speciallizes in Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Street, Hip-Hop, or any other contemporary or traditional style, your dancers can experience the feeling of being a professional performer in front of an expert visual director. They will love the resulting images of them performing their favorite dance moves and activity. One other cool aspect of Pro-Motion pictures is our ability to create a stunning collage of many dance moves into one photographic piece. We do this by giving dancers a choice from gorgeouse themed backgrounds combined with modern photoshop techniques.

Team Sports: Pro-Motion Pictures offers athletic teams and club owners a unique opportunity to earn free marketing tools and an annual student composit simply by allowing us the privilege of photographing their athletes and offering them exceptionally cool photos and stunning design art packages. Our photographers are all trained in capturing action and provide efficient, friendly and professional service.

Landscape Artwork for Display:These beautiful natural artwork pieces are high-end interior design options for your home or business.

We also offer Commercial Marketing, Corporate Media Production, and Executive and Corporate Portraits.

Pro-Motion Pictures is Your Ultimate Photography Resource

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